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The Collar of Control was a sinister implement that demanded respect and commanded subservience, but Spoada-Squatch was being overly dramatic. Those who had worn it more recently would vouch for the fact it actually felt good after a while. Anybody who had been fitted with it in the past and was still being swayed by its effects would have told him things made a lot of sense with a clarity which could only come from the simplified life of being one of Domina's thralls. Really none of them had any other choice in the matter.

"So why should I give you a choice?" Domina questioned. She fingered the Collar of Control deviously as she started to approach. The effects were 'officially' temporary after all - just sometimes, they happened to be long-lasting and ingrained themselves deeply within the psyche of a victim (she meant unruly subject) and became a part of their constitution as with any experience. Certainly one as invasive as her most feared implement would serve to extend the edicts of her will among and weave the tapestry of her influence through a few souls of the unwilling here and there, conservatively speaking. Superheroine or not, she was the aggressor in this moment leering at Spoada-Squatch like he was inviting her pounce by the sheer elixir of him showcasing his newfound inability to take charge. It complemented her patented ability to take over and would soon see the beast magnetically devoured from the resultant lethal attraction.

"Domina," Spoada-Squatch called softly, "please - mercy. I'll tell you anything you want to know. I was talking to this woman who wanted me to start some noise out here. You've gotta believe me. I know this is your town. I'm not stupid, and if it were up to me, I'd be destroying Vernon Hills right now. Shi- I told her this exact thing. There's no way in he-- I wanted to fu-- with you. Then she started crying."

This was interesting. Domina removed her right hand from over the Collar of Control and crossed her arms skeptically while seeking clarification, "Crying?" Collaring Spoada-Squatch was still an option, so she had not fully changed her mind on that, but her adversary's answer here would help to determine his fate.

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