Criticality Enters its Second Season

New characters, new adventures, same continuity - was the original idea when Edmund Alexander Sims created this monthly serial and effectively the first spinoff to his SpaceStation Colt novels over a year ago. Criticality is the name given to his format of releasing one unedited chapter per month to (currently) the Enforcers novels which fits within, affects, and is affected by the overall continuity that was established in the SpaceStation Colt series.

"I had such a surplus of great characters and fun ideas that I did not want to wait for SpaceStation Colt to run its course before I started to write the Enforcers," Sims explains. As a result, the second season of Criticality (dubbed Criticality s.2) is set to have exciting cameos from the SpaceStation Colt novels, but even with the additional star power, it is clear that the Enforcers novels stand on their own - both in a story line and a literary sense. The compiled, edited, and multi-eBook version of Criticality's first season is primed for release in late February of 2011 as the third official release under the SpaceStation Colt Imprint by the name of Criticality - The Complete First Season.

With all of the intricately woven crossover work, it must be mentioned that reading the SpaceStation Colt series is not a necessity to being able to follow the Enforcers series, but putting both together does make the experience that much more compelling. On the topic of epic, Criticality s.2 opens up with a massive Episode 13 season premiere entitled 'A Mother's Love' which features twenty-nine pages worth of writing. "The Enforcers is a story that I came up with back in high school over fifteen years ago, and those who were privy to the alpha and beta concepts from then are going to be pleasantly surprised by the maturity of the stable release," says Sims. Featuring his stream of consciousness style of writing which puts readers directly into the heads of the characters for the ever immersing experience and a fast-paced narrative that was designed specifically in the interest of gripping the audience of this serialized story, the monthly serial picks up and never left off.

"Criticality Episode 13: A Mother's Love (Season Two Premiere)" can be read here. To view the details of other eBooks, please also check out the bibliography.

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