Constructs Enters its Third Season

Dope Enterprises has always found status updates to be a fascinating way to tell a story. What started with Edmund Alexander Sims' autobiography and grew into Gentleman I/O's story has once again expanded the Dope Universe in telling the saga of Keys. The first-person machinations allow for a pointed, impactful prose when dealing with the character constraints of social media. Slated to appear across our corporate accounts, #Constructs3 will contain Keys' every thought and complete commentary.

"I remember a late night session many years ago with Jason Adam where we attempted to flesh out this story from across the country over internet messenger. I've always had a glut of characters, and he came up with the 'angle': Fate. In the spirit of what we created, a story was crafted around a character who is (self-)admittedly not a good person. Our creative staff didn't want to go the route of the antihero because we already had that in Dyoogie, so that opened up a dark realm of possibilities to tell a story from a true antagonist's point of view. Even with this, we weren't aiming for the 'destroy the universe archetype' because it would be more noble a cause than we were seeking. Some people in this universe are just worthless, reprehensible, and borderline irredeemable, so their skill set can be leveraged and egged on by the right set of influences and circumstances. And still, the person would own the behavior!" Sims explains.

This particular story was one that needed to be told in this day and age because it seeks to garner understanding with the current, contentious climate of winning at all costs and how the Pyrrhic victory seems indistinguishable from an unavoidable, calamitous loss for all involved. Sims adds, "The old saying about it not being about whether you win or lose but how you play the game comes into focus here. Keys - this carjacker weighs winning as others losing on a daily basis, but when he's thrust upon a bigger stage, will it all be burned down just for him to be able to claim victory? Perhaps a better question is: Will the Dope Universe allow him to succeed?" The third season of Constructs opens up with the continuity-bridging Chapter 25 season premiere entitled 'Club Soda Aftermath'. With an expansion in the available characters per medium, this story will be effectively doubled in size from its prequel. Readers can expect the action and eerily timely commentary to be that much more expansive as well.

"Constructs Chapter 25: Club Soda Aftermath (Season Three Premiere)" can be read here. To view the details of other eBooks, please also check out the bibliography.

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