Constructs Enters its Second Season

Following in the serialized footsteps of Criticality and once again taking things to the creative venue of status updates, the second season of Constructs returns in a big way with another spin-off to the SpaceStation Colt series. Constructs is the name given to Edmund Alexander Sims' method of telling his autobiography via one status update per day which spanned the entire year of 2010, but this time, he's back to tell the story of Gentleman I/O.

"To be honest, I really don't have anything else to talk about across status updates, so why not fill them up with stories about wonderful characters?" Sims questions. With the start of 2011, publisher Dope Enterprises' resolution must be to start the year off with a bang, but it is worth mentioning that the conclusion of the first season of Constructs does not simply end with the calendar. The compiled, edited, and multi-eBook version of Constructs' first season is primed for release in late May of 2011 as the fourth official release by the name of Constructs of a Maniacal Mind.

With the exponentially expanding Dope Universe, numerous opportunities present themselves for the further fleshing out of various, emerging angles. One such story line concerns the collective response of Earth's inhabitants to their previous treatment by the mighty Space Force. Sims concedes, "This was a perfect plot to explore because the original eBook proved that Humans were a resilient race when faced with adversity being inflicted upon them by aliens, so there had to be a response to the internal, Human disrespect - but with a twist!" The second season of Constructs opens up with the intriguing Chapter 13 season premiere entitled 'Pushed Through the Rebirth Canal' which effectively starts to triple the original amount of status updates that were needed to tell the first Constructs. An ambitious first person epic kicks off with the attitude which one would come to expect from reading the caliber of stories from any Dope series, although readers will still find themselves surprised.

"Constructs Chapter 13: Pushed Through the Rebirth Canal (Season Two Premiere)" can be read here. To view the details of other eBooks, please also check out the bibliography.

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