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"Burdlit," Janette reestablished a feed on her Ear-To-Mouth Com in order to check, "what is your status?" Things had been mighty quiet from the operational general's end as of late with regard to updates. The regularity seemed to just drop off. The communication all but dried up. True there was no getting a signal in or within Inner Corridor, but she was hoping he would have contacted her prior to moving into there and/or engaging with the intruder.

In disbelief of his own astonished eyes, Burdlit twirled out the way of the intruder's retaliation before the attempt had a chance to hit him right between those wide-eyed targets. While doing so, his physicality wilted away into the elusive transparency state of how he started off this match. The technique was risky because any third-party accessories not native to his body like the laser rifle could not be camouflaged, so the operational general needed to engage in this skirmish unarmed. It did not mean he brought no weapons along with him, but the original idea was the inherent kind would and should have sufficed!

The intruder was really starting to get under Burdlit's concealable skin by successfully evading an army and defiantly engaging in this mayhem as an individual. Determined? Maybe crazed? Augmented by nanites perhaps? This Human could not have been Human. They simply were not built that way: No fear, no remorse, and no quit. A cooler head should have prevailed, but he had been around them for so long their stubbornness was beginning to rub off on him.

Janette was going to kill Burdlit. She knew his moves, and he knew better.

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