Angular Trifecta Debuts its Premiere Season

Dope Enterprises is proud to present its all-new third serialized story, Angular Trifecta, and the first under the Dope KPC imprint. Following in the footsteps of the monthly serial of Criticality and the daily serial of Constructs from the SpaceStation Colt imprint, author Edmund Alexander Sims has crafted a weekly serial with the purpose of the chapters becoming quick hits that readers can easily digest on the fly. Each piece of the story may be shorter than fans of his work are normally used to, but they are no less compelling or intricate as each still fits within, affects, and is affected by the overall continuity which was established in the Dope Universe.

Edmund reflects, "Being a writer who specializes in universe building, I realize that these side stories provide the perfect complement for my core properties such as SpaceStation Colt, The Enforcers, Dyoogie, and Domina. A universe has got to grow latitudinally as well as longitudinally in order for it to grow exponentially. Side stories assist core properties by fleshing out and testing out angles which might only have been touched upon in the larger epics. In return, those core properties provide the side stories with an initial infusion of depth so that the newer series can credibly hit the ground running with a certain set of established principles and without the need to rehash an entire creative foundation."

"Angular Trifecta Week 01: Angle of Dissent (Series Premiere)" can be read here. To view the details of other eBooks, please also check out the bibliography.

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