Chapter 24: Can a Part be Greater than the Sum from the Rest of the Whole? (Season Two Finale) [Unedited]


It's worth mentioning that the actual high school is across the parking lot from the football field. #gio

I take out a series of lockers, walls, and classrooms that are supposed to be there and land in the science resource room. Go figure. #gio

My body lies in a wreck beneath the rubble that was once some teacher's desk. Footsteps disturb the stillness of this aftermath. #gio


Believe me, I'm a big proponent of education. No disrespect was meant, and I'd have landed on a trampoline if the decision was mine. #gio

As a respectful, parting gesture, I straighten up the teacher's family picture on the floor before muscling the desk off my body. #gio

Oh the pain - the pain of it all. I sit up in awe of my nemesis, the NSF Satellite Weapon - again responsible. #gio


"Quit screwing around!" Nelissa orders via Ear-To-Mouth Com. "Super 7 just touched down in the form of NSF Bipedals." #gio

And they're in the building - not according to my HUD. I still can't see them, but I'm surrounded. I can feel that. #gio

A punch from a towering robot slams downward in the trajectory of my former position. I roll to the momentary safety of my side. #gio


Super 7 is fast. No sooner do I evade than am I bracing with my bubble shield against a kick that was directed for my gut. #gio

This battle is apparently my own, but I'm far from alone in this endeavor. My tendrils spring to my immediate aid. #gio

Through the dust, I ascertain my adversary by way of the Bipedal's color. Two tendrils capture Super Red's punch and hold it at bay. #gio


But he's only one-seventh of the whole. I strike with that attitude. My tendrils tense up and slam him into a lurking Super Yellow. #gio

Nothing in the nonexistent rules say that this can't be seven on one. As they crash through the floor it becomes one on five. #gio

Attentive as always, my tendrils deliver a saving throw - or tug rather. Two attach to the far wall and retract me toward their grip. #gio


Relinquishing their grasp of the wall, I finally make it back to my feet as Super Blue and Super Orange charge while flinging lasers. #gio

With the stairwell in reach, I'm assuming that Super Purple, Super Green, and Super Black will be waiting for me somewhere downstairs. #gio

Why disappoint? I open the door and rush down the stairs, taking to them two steps at a time. My pursuers take a flight at a time. #gio


Like I'm in a packed club with people invading my personal space, I throw an inadvertent right elbow which sends Super Blue skyward. #gio

Not like I didn't want to find out where she'd land, Super Orange wouldn't give me the chance - tackling me through the doorway. #gio

Her bodily encasement is amazing. Driven to the ground on my left shoulder, my beleaguered HUD manages a short-range scan. #gio


The NSF Bipedals are a veritable what's which of technology - featuring the lightweight nanite-based coating called special alloy. #gio

Transforming from an orbital cannon to a satellite array to a fighter ship to a bipedal mech requires semi-sentient materials. #gio

The beauty of nanotechnology lies in its brains - my appreciation far from superficial. It's a shame that this enamor can't last. #gio


Hoping that not even Super 7 could've cracked the fourth dimension, I bring Super Orange into its mercy for the purposes of study. #gio

Her entire body is accessible - exoskeleton and all, but the nanites tell the story. Super 7 shares my energy signature. #gio

The quantities are faint by comparison, but even a portion of infinity is still a lot. I finally learn how they hid themselves. #gio


Minute attribution is a two-way scenario. The satellite weapon is so much a part of me that I don't even notice that it's there. #gio

I'd only notice it if it were gone like I mentioned earlier regarding the appendage analogy. #gio

Eyes only allow a person to see, but a mirror is needed to view oneself, and it helps to have an emotion like empathy to look inside. #gio


Super 7 has none of this. No feelings - psychological or physical as those were unnecessary for the directive of their purpose. #gio

It's a purpose as clearly defined as the apparent lack of any sort of remorse in the interest of carrying these missions out. #gio

This creates a rank mixture - base like primordial soup, devoid of passion. It sickens me to the point that I need to get some air. #gio


After worming my way out from under a frozen Super Orange's grasp, my tendril retracts and I head for the door to the orchestra pit. #gio

Where my musical tastes are concerned, I've been listening to @djvoicecrack instrumentals as of late, but classical also has a place. #gio

Both possess thought-provoking qualities for when I just want to get away and think. So why are others whisked away along with me? #gio


Footsteps. In stopping my trek down the aisle toward the podium, I turn around to see Super Purple, Super Green, and Super Black. #gio

They're learning. My interface with Super Orange was apparently bidirectional since they now easily traverse the fourth dimension. #gio

"Let's finish this," I suggest in question of who will rule or rue the day: The Humans, the Robot, or the Ethereal who fueled it. #gio


And it's about time that we settled on a control structure for the satellite weapon. I don't much like being hamstrung by Super 7. #gio

Who says that a computer isn't capable of being jealous and vindictive? It's smart enough to kill but then hide behind Humans. #gio

Those Humans may yet require consensus for its activation, but that's only tertiary. The real struggle remains between us, here. #gio


Super 7, as pretentious slaves whose consciences have been lifted to allow them to commit murder with impunity, fool...nobody. #gio

More Robot than Human at this point, they should be that much more well-versed in decisive decision-making. Forget right and wrong. #gio

Deriving validation from wiping out a defenseless pueblo? The computer knew exactly what it was doing in exploiting me to those ends. #gio


Whereas I'm pulled along for the ride - forced to take responsibility for our mistakes, Super 7 exists in divinity. #gio

Whereas I'm dragged into doing the dirt - pulling the trigger, the Humans adjudicate themselves with convenient justification. #gio

Whereas I'm placating this circle of unaccountability - completing it, my ability to feign ignorance is just as much to blame. #gio


The Robot became an Ethereal. The Humans behaved like a Robot. And the Ethereal wants to be Human. I have a nose for this - no lie. #gio

But we all can't get what we want. It doesn't work that way. Things aren't going to be that way. This marriage isn't sustainable. #gio

Super Red, Super Yellow, Super Blue, and Super Orange bust through the walls and ceiling - agreeing with the notion of my revelation. #gio


I may never know what caused me to wake up, but my eyes (as well as other senses) are open, and I do know that, "I want your best." #gio

Obliging, Super 7 unveils a vision of contortion when they separate from their surrounding of me and move into a huddled position. #gio

Witnessing this is almost eerie since the Human body isn't supposed to be able to bend, stretch, and re-form itself like that. #gio


The sight is disturbing, but the science has its allure. Robotic ingenuity makes it possible for the transmogrification to occur. #gio

This unsavory growth isn't even Ethereal at this point. The matter for what I'm seeing already exists. Remember the orbital cannon? #gio

Nanites are clever. With retractable arms and significant numbers, they can manipulate object size by an exponential factor. #gio


With each subsequent transformation (Array to Fighter to Bipedal), Super 7's technological covering becomes more compact and dense. #gio

That's a relative conclusion based off a conceptual assumption stemming from a reverberant implication within a distinct situation. #gio

More forms likely exist, but Super 7 has no vision, so I invoke the virus that I uploaded from Tevan's room to break this stalemate. #gio


Within actuality, Nelissa coordinates the blockade of Dundee Road, Arlington Heights Road, Lake Cook Road, and Buffalo Grove Road. #gio

In my short time of romping around the city, I'd imagine that its residents are numb to these frequent types of happenings by now. #gio

Conversely, she's calm and confident of the eventual outcome panning out in her favor. Immortality will do that for a person. #gio


Although, that characterization is unfair as Nelissa has always been self-assured in both purpose and mission even before our merger. #gio

She looks over toward the high school when the towering NSF Mech stands up from a crouch - crunching through the rest of its roof! #gio

The kids are going to be loving this when it comes time for the morning classes to be canceled so that the building can be repaired. #gio


Prior to returning to the interrupted planning activities, Nelissa mutters, "It's done," and pays the NSF Mech not a second thought. #gio

As if to impose its presence on the military onlookers, the humanoid mecha thrusts itself out of the high school and into the air. #gio

The aggression causes all types of flinching and manners of gasps. The soldiers hold onto their armaments and brace for the landing. #gio


The aggression causes all types of flinching and manners of gasps. The soldiers hold onto their armaments and brace for the landing. #gio

In the category of being something that these people don't see everyday, the sight becomes a paralyzing moment of astonishment. #gio

"Be ready for when I call," Nelissa adds - undeterred from what looks like the planning of an impending assault on the NSF Facility. #gio


"You're really a piece of work," the NSF Mech projects outward via the intonation of my own voice, "you know that?" #gio

From a huddle of soldiers, Nelissa pauses her quarterbacking to respond, "So are you," with a lukewarm albeit earnest smile. #gio

She's a busy woman, so I decide to take my leave. We'll be working together in the future, and my presence isn't required at present. #gio


Physically, I had long since departed from the scene. But mentally, I hadn't yet left the premises. That seems comically reversed. #gio

Operating the NSF Mech feels no different than controlling the flesh of my corporeal form. The seven voices are muffled to consensus. #gio

They call this mountain range Payton Mountains, and it allows me the pleasure of being able to watch the robot disassemble from afar. #gio


Each appendage, the front and rear of the torso, and a hovering drone of infinite capability revert back to fighters and sky away. #gio

The home cube seven alignment may be reestablished up in orbit, but down here, a series of telltale remains are left behind. #gio

Eliciting immediate medical attention, the naked bodies of Super 7 lie limply across the pavement of the parking lot. #gio


As voyeuristic as this is not, I now see everything with an increasing clarity - the satellite weapon returned to its rightful owner. #gio

It's not the end of the story for Super 7. Their presence just isn't necessary in this capacity. Humans have proven their mettle. #gio

Much like Nelissa's and Tevan's situation, my assistance includes a marker of residual networking via my handy blue energy signature. #gio


"Impressive work," a voice from the loudspeakers of an unidentified fighter halts my monologue, "in giving Super 7 their lives back." #gio

"Thank you," I've been paid a compliment and respond humbly, but the person piloting that ship isn't registering in any database. #gio

I'm unswayed by the vessel's vertical takeoff and landing thrust, but my curiosity moves me to question, "And you are?" #gio


Prefacing the impending answer is a ripple of what feels like a projected rage shooting across the entirety of the expanding universe. #gio

Such ire - as the energy didn't originate from anywhere near the Terran System but still maintains an unwavering force of will. #gio

And to merely feel the wrath in its powerful pronunciation, I've never felt any more insignificant in all my short life. #gio


The fighter is also peculiar because it steadies itself out and holds its own during a fit of celestial turbulence which jars Earth. #gio

The ship's occupant divulges, "My name is Briar One, leader of the Enforcers, and I've come to solicit your help regarding...that." #gio

"That," I reply while pointing upward, "may wind up being a little bit out of my league," as this is going to be continued. #gio

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