Chapter 21: The Origin of Tevatron [Unedited]


Life offers limited chances for reflection but even fewer chances to get it right. #gio

Its odds are heavily stacked against the individual, and to even make it to this point was a near statistical improbability. #gio

That's scary. Do people know how many factors had to fall precisely into place for their existence at this moment to even occur? #gio


My thing is this: Why am I always tasked with cutting everybody else's life short? Is 'assassin' written on my forehead? #gio

Tevan doesn't deserve this. I don't know the kid from any other person who I'd encounter on the street, but I know better. #gio

"Nelissa!" I scream into her Ear-To-Mouth Com. "How could you?" Rejecting my own worth, I'm suffering from the paralysis of pain. #gio


"You," Nelissa answers in stride of returning to the NSF Facility with a hobbled Lazaro trudging alongside her, "broke into my house." #gio

"This game now includes your own son?" I question and turn my head to watch Tevan's body dance to the rhythm of electrocution. #gio

Even so, she makes it extremely difficult to despise her, "Leaders often put others' children at risk before their own but not me." #gio


Seriously, how can you hate on that? Sure, Tevan is being shocked to a crisp - complete with the pungent, fleshy stench but still! #gio

In stride, Nelissa smeared Dyoogie - a Crimson Red Belt, myself - an Ethereal, and Tevan - her son! And kept going. Ambitious? #gio

No, if anything it speaks more toward the direness of a mission that she's faced with over self-promotion to be taking these risks. #gio


There's no time for self-pity either, so I scream and shirk the pain that's both physical and mental in order to grab hold of Tevan. #gio

His electrified body offers no resistance to the surge of jolts from the supercharged power cord, hopping to their mercy. #gio

But because of the current, electricity burns from the inside out, so the fact that he looks like a steak does not bode well at all. #gio


First, I need to break this extended electrical circuit by separating Tevan from the entire sparking room. #gio

Since I can connect to anything, simple touch becomes our bond as I concede my culpability to the computer and net my own release. #gio

The satellite weapon and I are one - like it or not. My release was contingent upon acceptance of this, but my fate is up for grabs. #gio


Tevan's condition is almost too much to behold, but Nelissa's right - I caused this. Unlike Mexico, I'll fix my mistake this time. #gio

Within my grasp, our physical connection is cinched, so I dematerialize - taking every flaked off piece of charred flesh with me. #gio

Vacated of the disturbances which accompany higher level stakes, the room returns to an eerie calm - even for the night hour. #gio


I've wrongly taken from Tevan, so now I give of myself. When was the last time an Ethereal ever said that? It seems reversed. #gio

As we dissipate, I'm reminded that this simple trick has a certain manual overtone to the recombinant part of its process. #gio

A lesser-known function called selective reassembly will allow me to save the boy without requiring his soul in return. #gio


In fact, Tevan's life force is what will hold this sequence together. That's its job, but never before has it been this important. #gio

For as faint as that life force now measures in auras which I do not need equipment to see, I'm impressed with his resilience. #gio

He's in bad shape but viable for no other reason than not knowing any better. My admiration grows the longer that we're connected. #gio


Innocence should never be confused with ignorance because sometimes the inevitable just doesn't matter. That's power - not naïveté. #gio

Speaking of power, I have an abundance to draw from and a wealth of knowledge regarding how to use it, yet my name still eludes me.... #gio

This temporal level of existence, I have no idea how this stuff works. Like a car - I couldn't build one, but I can sure drive it. #gio


This level's expanse, for lack of a better term, provides me with all the necessary tools to put Tevan back together again. #gio

Outside of my energy signature and my will, nothing else is really required - not even the horrific remains of his old body. #gio

In with the new, subsidization of matter is a holistic transplant. Temporal rearrangement allows it to stave off celestial rejection. #gio


To Tevan, this experience is well beyond the realm of his comprehension, but it'll also ensure the expansion of his horizons. #gio

It's an unavoidable side effect of the power share yet my way of apologizing. I hope it goes a long way toward making things right. #gio

Whenever a person lives to tell about excruciating pain, they become stronger by default of their greater tolerance for pain. #gio


And Tevan will have some things to talk about with his mother, Nelissa. During this infusion, I make no secret of my part in it. #gio

I'm not big on the hush-hush since a significant portion of my own memories happen to be missing, so I do unto others. #gio

I am not, however, looking to form a relationship with him, so this is why I choose to leave no question of my fault unanswered. #gio


Tevan can take this result and like it - challenge me if he must, but I'd advise against that. The alternative was death. #gio

And it can be again. Believe me, I wouldn't lose any sleep over one less of Nelissa's offspring surviving. #gio

What I've done was the right thing to do. When will I learn? Doing the right thing hasn't exactly gotten me ahead in life. #gio


This won't be on my conscience though, and as I witnessed earlier, the space there is already too crowded. #gio

We rematerialize, and I drop a renewed and reinvigorated Tevan on top of previously sleeping Bedser's lap. #gio

The downstairs couch bounces within a plume of a blue particle residual from my energy signature as his father is startled awake. #gio


What kind of man would ever fall in love with a woman like Nelissa? Who could possibly warm her heart up enough for them to marry? #gio

There may be a story behind that in itself, and I'd be the first person in line to read it. #gio

She's made many powerful enemies, and I've recently considered her to be some sort of demon, but demons need love too. #gio


Maybe, Tevan and I will meet again someday. The universe is epic but small, so I wouldn't put it past our chances. #gio

After verifying that he's breathing well enough on his own from the recuperative slumber of being reborn, I dematerialize for real. #gio

Bedser is left searching for explanation through my dreamscape of a blue haze before it fully dissipates. #gio


"Thank you," Nelissa whispers into her Ear-To-Mouth Com from a setting of the NSF Facility's command center. Compassion? #gio

Lazaro is off being tended to within what could be said to be a medical facility while she is off by herself. #gio

The gesture of humility was in response to not yet having received a call detailing the potential results from my contrary sentiment. #gio


Nelissa couldn't possibly know the specifics of what transpired, but a mother doesn't need eyes or ears. #gio

A heart is so much more thorough. And that's one of the many things that boggles my mind as of late: Her angle. #gio

Long term, she'll pay a price for this when eventually having to return home and explain, but those costs have already been weighed. #gio


My reply is offered in the stereo of person as I materialize before Nelissa and state, "It didn't have to go down like that." #gio

The blue flash catches everybody by surprise - Nicolasa and Otto included as they-all turn to see me facing her. #gio

Soldiers rush into positions which will give them an angle at me for a clear shot from across the multilevel command center. #gio


Nonessential personnel quietly excuse themselves as soldiers fill in their places - using everything from chairs to railing as cover. #gio

It's not like the NSF ever let their guard down or let their guard down here with me slipping behind their defenses with ease. #gio

I've always had the power to destroy the planet with ease, but my tie to the satellite weapon prevents that and they know it. #gio


I still retain the power to destroy every one of them, but who would tell me how to escape the satellite weapon then? #gio

My existence is conditional upon my connection to that vile weapon, but when is an Ethereal ever not indentured to a lower being? #gio

They give us our power - the manifestation of their belief in something greater, but this arrangement is slightly different. #gio


Numerous times, these Human's have pulled enough guns on me that I should start taking their brazen attitude as a sign of disrespect. #gio

There isn't the normal fear of an Ethereal, although fear is at work here. I couldn't place the subtle root of their anxiety before. #gio

It's not that they're afraid of me per se so much as they're afraid of losing me or me leaving them. #gio


Left to their own devices by the Space Force, Earth is not prepared to deal with the dangers that it faces - thus my contribution. #gio

But only the NSF and by extension a splinter group of the US government and by association Ref share this concern. #gio

The means, the method, and the money. Those are the only people who are even aware of who I am because they created me. #gio


The rest of the other six superpowers and, I'm betting, a significant portion of the US government are in the dark on this project. #gio

Heck, Nelissa was even in the dark over Ref's attempted power grab of the project until recently. I question the NSF's loyalty here. #gio

Playing both sides against the middle in the interest of selfish gain is nothing new. It's a teenage tactic. They're just pawns. #gio


I'd be willing to double down on that bet. The NSF has no clue about what's coming either. #gio

Narrow-minded scientific views drive them, and they'll float whichever way the winds of ego stoke their sails. #gio

If Nelissa and Ref ever decided to link up as a part of an 'official' unofficial relationship, these guys are screwed. #gio


This is as opposed to what I gather is a relationship which is off of any books that can tie the secretive activities back to me. #gio

The entire thing is being held together by a thread of no-bid collusion which conveniently stitches the veil of its own secrecy. #gio

Before, I was simply concerned about recovering my past, but now I'm slightly worried about my future. What did they get me into? #gio


Nelissa pledges her allegiance to a flag - a nation. Ref may now have philanthropic aspirations, but his Ethereal is still the money. #gio

I'm not surprised that the public and private sectors bucked heads over this project. It's in their standing nature to do so. #gio

What happens to be surprising is that each harbors the knowledge of this phantom threat, but urgency supersedes political ambition. #gio


How do I know this? There's no way a capitalist like Ref would have funded a project to create an Ethereal if prospects weren't dire. #gio

And gentle Nelissa became ruthless for the purposes of seeing to the project's success - willing to sacrifice her own child. #gio

If you ask me, I have yet to meet a lower being who is worth that kind of sacrifice, but maybe I'm not seeing the larger picture. #gio


The cooks in the kitchen argument is levied by Nelissa as follows, "It has to be this way until you fall in line." #gio

"What are we up against?" I say to her facial delight as my words not only signify a truce but my acquiescence with her whim. #gio

"Let's go someplace more private," she urges - extending a hand. Outplayed at every turn, I comply, accept it, and we dematerialize. #gio

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