Chapter 19: A Resultant Circularity of Indiscretions [Unedited]


Do you ever feel that with technology there are so many options but then not enough of the right options at the same time? #gio

That's where I'm at right now as I slip back to the Fourth Dimension in order to consider my options. #gio

Allowing that radius attack to hit is not one but neither is diverting it to the surrounding areas. #gio


Buffalo Grove Theater is known for its affordable two dollar shows and its convenient location in the middle of a quaint strip mall. #gio

I'm going on record to state that the seven superpowers would probably consider this collateral damage and wipe the record clean. #gio

How in the universe can they justify taking out all of these people just to eliminate one person? And my humanity is questioned.... #gio


Part of me wonders how they'd even cover this up, but I can't leave this up to their collective conscience to decide. #gio

That satellite weapon makes all of this possible. I'll explain how it works in two updates. #gio

What perfecting a weapon like this does is give the superpowers access to infinite fabrications and zero threats of contradiction. #gio


In weapon terminology, ERW stands for enhanced radiation weapon, and it is related to a neutron bomb. #gio

The idea was for the bomb to release lethal neutrons but reduce the destructive capabilities of its blast and fire damage. #gio

Kill the people; preserve the infrastructure. It amazes me how creative we can be when coming up with ways to hurt each other. #gio


Personally, I would prefer if some of this drab ingenuity was dedicated to helping people. To the superpowers' credit, they have. #gio

After developing an ultimate superweapon, where else can you go from there except to begin improving life so you never have to use it? #gio

Earlier versions of the ERW left little to be desired in terms of tamping down blast and heat, and radiation levels weren't succinct. #gio


Its inefficiency kept the weapon from being practical in the manner that was originally intended. #gio

I've got mixed feelings on the prognosis. Buildings were still wiped out, and people didn't die fast enough. Setting the bar low...? #gio

ERW was still brutal in infancy despite the technical difficulties. Unfortunately, EMP allowed the bastard to reach full maturity. #gio


Short for electromagnetic pulse, there was no abbreviation for EMP's disruptive capabilities. #gio

Electronic and electrical systems were the target of its radioactive ire. Are you sensing a pattern here? #gio

Segmentation Objective Weaponry was the new black. Its scientific morbidity was worthy of a raised eyebrow if not a dejected stare. #gio


But, EMP also had limitations. The version that the pre-Space Force nations wanted had horrible range. #gio

Now, don't get me wrong: It could still be injected via smaller e-bombs for the purposes of carrying out precision operations. #gio

Long-range is always better though. You don't have to be around when it goes off, and it's easier to take off when it goes wrong. #gio


So, what'd these geniuses decide to go and do? They combined ERW and EMP into the satellite weapon - indecipherable from psychopaths. #gio

Since solar energy had (finally) long since become the energy source of choice, post-Space Force, the weapon had no energy concerns. #gio

Strapping an electromagnetic pulse to an enhanced radiation weapon payload took quite the ingenuity to turn into a focusable beam. #gio


I often wonder if the feat was achieved through Ethereal intervention, foreign interference, or the power of Human teamwork. #gio

Using an EMP container to encase an instantly lethal dose of an ERW's neutrons inside a laser before impact is some heavy stuff. #gio

The destructive power of the ERW feeds the EMP and expands its disruptive range while leaving those neutrons behind. #gio


If Ennead Tech Corp's Triple Action LUNC is poetry in armament, the Nebulan Science Forces' Satellite Weapon is insanity in the flesh. #gio

I'd like to meet its designers in order to slap them, but I'll be honest - I understand their motivation, and it was noble. #gio

Something so vile was not only created but shared among the most powerful to purposely leverage a stalemate and peace. #gio


In retrospect, an arms race is actually a good thing as long as nobody reaches the finish line. #gio

It's a marathon where the endpoint continually extends outward with innovation. #gio

One-upmanship begets preemptive hesitance and breeds a culture of urgency in retaliatory creativity. #gio


There is nothing more powerful that the Humans on Earth have access to other than the satellite weapon. #gio

A Space Force spacestation or their Solstice Satellite could blow Earth up, but again, the Humans of Earth don't have access to those. #gio

This means that the arms race on Earth was redefined from the roots of its innovative push to a hacker's free-for-all. #gio


The race is now to see who can take control of the satellite weapon for themselves, instead of splitting it seven ways. #gio

Enter my part in this and the parts of my friends: Nicolasa, Lazaro, Otto - and of course, Nelissa. #gio

I often wonder about the seven superpowers' stomachs for this new tryst in the lust for power. Sometimes, war just gets old. #gio


Right now, there are so much bigger fish to fry, and for once, the cannibalistic Humans of Earth don't have themselves on the menu. #gio

The superpowers are halfheartedly trying to commandeer the satellite weapon because of that bigger fish which needs to be fried. #gio

Some smaller factions may be shortsighted enough to consider the superpowers that threat in their push, but they're wrong. #gio


Something's coming. The superpowers know it. And they realize that the Space Force has no intention of defending them or Earth. #gio

Each may yet believe that they can wield the satellite weapon more effectively (individually) in the face of this forthcoming danger. #gio

I sincerely hope that they sort this issue out before whatever it is makes its way to Earth.... Now is not the time for gridlock. #gio


So where were we? I get so caught up in these Fourth Dimension soliloquies, but it gives me a chance to think before I speak or act. #gio

Anyway, this saving throw is for the people up front who are still able to enjoy the movie at this point. #gio

Nuclear weaponry - antiquated or advanced cannot stop me. Nelissa already knows that, but now, the superpowers will learn. #gio


And when they do, I'll welcomely accept their pursuit and the redefinition of this arms race to mostly include the task of my capture. #gio

Should the Chakras be used to activate the satellite weapon, I'll still allow it, but they'll always know that I can overrule them. #gio

The responsibility is mine. I turn to look at Mahagony as if to alert her that I've got this and raise my right hand to the ceiling. #gio


I'd imagine that Ethereals have limits, but the ability to extend my bubble shield is not one of them. #gio

It doesn't even need to originate anywhere near me, so I cause it to appear as a blue energy capsule that blankets the entire area. #gio

At the tip of the cone that it ultimately forms, my shield meets the satellite weapon's radius attack high in the sky above. #gio


Impact occurs with a bass drop that sends the people up front into a frenzy as it happens in time with the film's action. #gio

But I can't stop there. This is the part where the ERW would kill everybody down here and the EMP would make the entire area go dark. #gio

Especially at the altitude that I intercepted the radius attack, its effects can become exacerbated by Earth's atmospheric conditions. #gio


Celestial petals from a tulip, my energy capsule inverts its shape and comes together like a Venus flytrap - ensnaring the fallout. #gio

I have no need for the radius attack's discharge, so when my beam catcher dissipates so does the radiation. The area is saved. #gio

Making sure the superpowers know who did this, I override their control and send the satellites back to the home cube seven alignment. #gio


Picture the endpoints of a cube on a track. One endpoint would need to remain vacated for the other seven to be able to move. #gio

That's the idea, and this is the satellite weapon's home position - ready to defend every corner of Earth at a moment's notice. #gio

Having no prior knowledge of its systems, I feel a oneness with the array - as if I've operated it before.... #gio


I guess that I'll have to catch this movie when it comes to home video. After handing back Mahagony's smartphone, I get up to leave. #gio

"Wait," she whispers as if we could possibly disturb the people in front, "I couldn't have known. I still don't know what I've seen." #gio

"That's not exactly a bad thing as far as some of my enemies are concerned," I tell her as my tendril retracts. #gio


"We should try to...," speaking of playing dumb - Lazaro gets up from his seat at a mobile command center to make some suggestion. #gio

"Lazaro," Nelissa isn't even listening and cuts the engineer off - grabbing a fistful of his collar and pressing him against the wall. #gio

Next, she puts the barrel of her hand laser to his temple while her forearm more appropriately pushes into his throat. #gio


Lazaro nets no sympathy from the soldiers who exit almost upon a telepathic order to leave him to Nelissa's mercy. #gio

She most certainly is not dumb and, "Telling me half-truths is no different than lying to my face and equally as disrespectful." #gio

He has that innocent 'What are you talking about?!' look on his face, but she did well to isolate him away from Nicolasa and Otto. #gio


"I am going to kill you in ten seconds," Nelissa promises. "Eleven seconds from now, I'm sending my troops to kill your family." #gio

Lazaro is bold in his opposition - wasting three seconds to utter, "Have you lost your mind?" Wrong answer.... #gio

And she does not look like a person who cares about making the next five seconds harder by slapping him with her hand laser! #gio


Crumpling to his knees and minor consciousness, Lazaro struggles to maintain his focus and balance while he tastes his own blood. #gio

With a contained rage and an unusually strong grasp, Nelissa forces the engineer back to his feet and slams his head into the wall. #gio

Three seconds remain, so she offers him some final thoughts, "Nicolasa won't talk either, but I'll get the information out of Otto." #gio


"RefCo!" Of course, Lazaro offers up the only word in all of linguistics which could've kept Nelissa from pressing the trigger pad. #gio

"You've been extended five more seconds," she's certainly generous as it took her almost four of those seconds to say that. #gio

With no time to think, the truth would surely - hopefully set the engineer free, so he blurted out, "Ref wants the satellite weapon!" #gio


Congratulations to Lazaro - he made it into overtime. "Go on," Nelissa allows. Sudden death overtime. #gio

"The NSF is also on his payroll," Lazaro admits to a second slap from her hand laser! A mix of fear and pain paralyze him this time. #gio

"I should just go straight to Otto for the specifics," she's clearly peeved with the engineer acting like this was a conversation. #gio


It was obvious to Nelissa that the NSF was on somebody's payroll. It was silly of Lazaro to rehash that at this critical juncture. #gio

He opens up with a conciseness that would make 140 characters proud, "He wanted to turn around his Slumlord Ref image." #gio

"Little by little, he began investing in tech stocks. Shares of Mega Maze Industries here. A grant for Trellix Institute there." #gio


Lazaro explains, "Ref's funding was unlimited, and it helped to push us over the technological hump with NSFm-1 Alpha." #gio

"Upon his urging," he deflects the credit, "we secretly and successfully tested the satellite weapon against a drug cartel in Mexico." #gio

"You caused the Dyoogie incident," Nelissa accuses before backing away from the engineer - satisfied with his answers. #gio

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