Issue 02: Comic Book Convention, Annual #1 [Unedited]

"No fu-- that!" Concepcion just interrupted a classic staredown and the end of the first chapter when barging in between a Dyoogie who was somewhat surprised by this and a Pang who appeared to be visibly taken aback by the disrespect. "Who is this guy? He doesn't even have a gun! How did you even get a Chakra?"

"Since I have a Chakra, the rules say I qualify to be here," Dyoogie responded - not like he needed to justify anything to this nobody mercenary, but his intent was to retain a level of cordiality in the presence of Pang - their host. "Who cares how I got it?"

Pang simply smiled nodding his approval of the curt response. This - this one was definitely different from the rest.

Unsatisfied, Conception poked the index finger of his right hand into Dyoogie's chest while turning his head to address the others, "Smells like a government plant. I don't trust him. This lightweight doesn't even deserve one of these Cha-kras..."

That was an invasion of personal space. When Dyoogie unsheathed the jagged edge Sword of Zahn, he sliced off Concepcion's right hand with a swift backhand putting his right arm in the perfect position to lop off the mercenary's head with a forehand swipe which was definitely a winner since it caused the head to fly screaming just within one of the base's left lines normally indicating a safety area for vehicle staging.

"Oh shi-!" Riddell blurted out.

Blood squirted out from both the severed wrist and neck in a geyser affect that painted the chopper in the background a lovely shade of crimson red as Concepcion's body tumbled backward to a quivering halt which then lay in a concentric pool of his own accumulating blood. Dyoogie took the time to wipe that blood off the Sword of Zahn by using the mercenary's Hawaiian shirt like a rag to smear the liquid impurity off both sides before tracing the blade parallel to its scabbard (for the tip to be able to align with the opening) before sheathing it. A true swordsperson, he always respected the cleanliness of a weapon which had served him well, and Pang got a kick out of the added slap in the face to Concepcion and that stupid shirt.

Cami was startled by the ferocity of this quick turn of events and waited anxiously to see what would happen next. Was it now the part where they-all would be forced to part ways forcefully? She wondered. Or hoped.

While still in the vicinity of Concepcion, Dyoogie searched the blood-soaked body for and retrieved the Manipura (Navel): Fire Chakra. He turned to address all the remaining mercenaries who had coldly managed to keep their composure for the most part, Bruno and Pa as well as all the other terrorists within eyeshot of the vicious occurrence plus tensing up on their weapons, and Pang who held up the metalized left hand to negate their advance, "And now I have two Chakras. Would anybody else like to question my qualifications?"

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