Dyoogie Debuts its Premiere Season

Dope Enterprises is proud to present its all-new fourth serialized story, Dyoogie. The famed third Crimson Red Belt finally makes his way into prose via a monthly serial after numerous mentions in other eBooks, a foreshadowing cameo, and a sketchy past in some rare underground comics. The project is written by Edmund Alexander Sims with an original story by both himself and Jason Adam.

Edmund muses, "The Dope Universe has an antihero, but we've always had this character, so now is Dyoogie's time to shine. With classic roots based in comic books, the serialization of his chapters is an appropriate return to literary form. Many of the original ideas go back decades in our history, but this story never came to fruition for one reason or another. One reason is the preservation of the incredibly tight continuity that wouldn't allow for the story to be released out of order from the events needing to be portrayed across the narrative of the larger universe. As the third SpaceStation Colt novel, 'The Space Force Doctrine', closes down the Space Force Saga, Dyoogie's first official foray into prose starts up and becomes a driving force behind the Pillorian Regime Saga. It's taken a little longer than we would've liked to get the Dyoogie story out, but patience and picking the right spots are critical to the continuance of the storytelling."

"Dyoogie Issue 01: The Coming of the Ninja (Series Premiere)" can be read here. To view the details of other eBooks, please also check out the bibliography.

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