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That was the idea, but Kurg felt it was also foolish. How could he tire from a melee where he was the one actually holding back the entire time? Toying with Domina would be dangerous and stupid, but being so much more overmatched than her was less than gratifying. Somehow though, this match intrigued him. Her competitive fire was ferocious. Her resolve was infectious. Each time, she raised her level of play to the level of the competition, and he found himself having to unleash additional morsels from his almost limitless stash of power in order to outpace!

Kurg's ability to identify fighting styles mirrored Domina's own. And his seamless transition to being able to mimic them was just as pronounced as hers. Boxing was only a teaser. He had two feet as well connected to two powerful legs that slashed through the air as surely as they would have cut through the superheroine had she not switched instantly to the abilities of a tumbler for the purposes of evading the spinning, double reverse roundhouse combination with a series of backward somersaults.

In heels.

Kurg had started the combo with an attacking left foot spinning to his left in order to gather the full thrust and momentum of the roundhouse before landing on that same foot. From there, he snapped off the reverse attack with his bloody right foot each time lunging closer toward Domina who mistressfully escaped with a form and technique that would cause even a rival nation's judge to award her all perfect tens for both style and difficulty.

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